Friday, November 26, 2010

City Walk: Little India

Today Bill and I took a walk through Little India, located about 20 miles south of Los Angeles. It wasn't just any walk, it was a walk with prescribed start and stop points and with stores to check out highlighted along the way. Fritz and Roxanne gave me Los Angeles City Walks: 50 Adventures on Foot, prior to my move out to L.A. Totally thoughtful and appropriate gift!

We chose this walk at random, much the way many of the walks will be chosen and headed out shortly after breakfast. After parking, and with the Little India card in hand, we began the walk. Among the recommended stops was an International Video store. Once inside we browsed through the selection of mostly Bollywood DVDs, taking in the smell of incense and sound of foreign music playing throughout the store. Being in the store brought back memories of traveling to India. I went to India a few years ago so I told Bill about my experience seeing a Bollywood movie there in the capital of Mumbai/Bombay.

"It was a romantic comedy with lots of singing interludes," I said, "and I think I fell asleep halfway through it."

Story of my life with movies.

Bill pointed out a DVD featuring, what's his name? Samantha's exboyfriend on Sex in the City? Glad he made the cross over to Bollywood films.

On the City Walk map above you can see a park, or at least a green space, and it's called Artesia Park. It's not part of the walk but we decided to veer off the route and check it out. The sun seems to shine more brightly in L.A. than Philly and we had stopped for Indian food so we were both feeling a little wiped.

"I think we're both a little zombie-like today," I said as we made our we past some quiet residential houses.

"This area doesn't have much life to it," said Bill as we came upon the park, "and the park is deserted."

That was true, moving off the main strip of the town took a little energy out of the scene. The park was deserted, although there were numerous baseball fields, a couple playgrounds, and two basketball courts.

Bill spotted a basketball near one of the hoops so we decided to see how much life it had in it. The ball bounced although its surface had a slightly spongy feel. After playing around with the basketball for a while we decided to finish up the walk and head back to our car.

We drove back on a similar route Bill takes to drive home from work. Bill pointed out a small lake? pond? on the way and said that he once saw a helicopter dip a giant bucket of some sort into that lake to carry off to dose on a fire burning in nearby Whittier Hills. Never a dull moment around here.

Home now and looking forward to watching Dostana tonight, a movie we picked up at the International Video store.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Writer's block sources from self consciousness for me and I need to keep reminding myself of that. And keep writing. Does anyone reading this use Google Analytics? People've told me they've read my blog... but Google isn't tracking it. Shucks I need the reinforcement!

I've started riding my bike to work and it's been a hugely rewarding experience, if a bit nerve wracking. In the morning the ride is less stressful. Ride down Main up Fifth and turn on Figueroa until I get to those two identical buildings. Home is another type of excursion. Fig turns one way after about a block and I end up riding on the side walk. I feel like something of a jerk! But there's an entry to the 110 there and I'm staying out of the way of all those crazy cars! Sheesh. Along with the road turning one way, there is more traffic throughout the city and more buses. The 2nd street tunnel - I could ride down it but I missed it today, tomorrow I'll give it a shot, making sure my light is on of course.

Here's a blurry picture of the tunnel for you, shot from my phone walking home the other day after I didn't find the bus stop... feel like you're a part of my life ok?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

First Week Down

I've lived in Los Angeles for nearly a week now and I'm feeling, well I'm feeling stuffed up. Living in a much smaller space with two cats is taking a toll on my allergies. What can I do? Pop pills for the rest of my life? Have more forbearance for the redness under my nose and itchiness in my eyes?

I do enjoy living with the cats again even if I don't always want to pet them or have them near me. Living with Bill again is also really great. Well he's in Portland now, probably finished up the talking he was giving at... Williamette University? Not too long ago. I'll see him on Sunday when I pick him up from the airport!

Today I didn't have to work b/c of Veteran's Day. Here's what I did instead.... ate a bagel, cleaned up around the apartment, looked at my PSU homework and did some of it, and went for a walk through the Fashion District, located near where I live.

Shortly after leaving my apartment for this walk a woman approaches me and says, "You're too beautiful, why don't you take off that jacket?" I didn't but I did listen as she went on to explain that her husband is in jail and she lives in the Valley and could I buy her "some orange juice and a banana?" I said no as kindly as possible. Another time and I might've, fruit is healthy! But there wasn't a fruit stand nearby! I hope she got her orange juice and banana.

The Fashion District of Los Angeles contains lots of suit shops, fluffly wedding dress shops, some fabric stores and a couple hosiery stores.

I went in the store named in the sign above. Along with hosiery they have some masks and costume pieces! And spider web tights! I felt rather in-the-know after leaving this store.

Time to blow my nose!