Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tomatoes and Butters

"Could you get your dog to stop barking?" said some neighbor of mine at ohh 1:30am this morning, "it's really loud."

There was indeed a dog barking. My brain decided sleeping was so not the thing to do after the human got to barking, err trying to get the dog to quiet down. I had been dreaming about, balancing plates, on my hands? there was some sort of competition? better I woke up fully anyway.

I live in a 10 story apartment building. My apartment is on the inside of the building. It's located right in downtown LA near skyscrapers, the historic core area, and skid row. It's easy to get around, especially cause I have a bike.

I made a recorder out of paper a few days ago. Just for the entertainment value. I like playing it for minutes on end some evenings. Playing it really means blowing through it until a noise is produced. The process of making a recorder involves rolling up a piece of paper, taping or putting rubber bands around this rolled up paper, cutting a hole about an inch down from the top, and blowing between the layers of paper. I learned how to make a recorder in such a way from here. You can add additional holes to the recorder though I didn't see where it changed the pitch. Perhaps I could try using bigger paper?

Butters, the cat, likes tomatoes. She got a chance to tear into a few this week.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pillow Fight

I haven't seen anyone with pillows yet," said Bill as we walked along a city street toward Pershing Square. Temperatures reached the 90s this week in LA but today was cooler, with temperatures only getting into the high 60s.

"Me neither," I said, while we waited at a traffic light, "they must already be at Pershing Square."

We continued walking and were relieved to see a few people with pillows as we entered the park.

Today was international pillow fight day as developed by the urban playground movement. I'd never heard of this group before, but I definitely like the idea of gathering a bunch of people in an urban space for a pillow fight. Apparently no permit was required from the city!

The pillow fighters were mostly gathered in the northern part of the square and there had to be a few hundred people attending. A decent number of younger people were taking part in this fight which was billed as an all ages event. Those kids! They were hitting hard as anyone! And they looked like they were having a great time.

The center of the pillow fight was something of a vortex of pillow fighters. People rapidly hitting anyone in reaching distance with a pillow. A woman on some guy's shoulders hitting people! Toward the outer edges were more subdued pillow fighters. Bill and I entered and stayed in this region of the fight. Turns out its really fun hitting strangers with pillows. Everyone was smiling. More than hitting people I really liked when people hit me! That doesn't surprise me and I'm not sure why. Probably it felt like I was being included or accepted by people? The need to be accepted, it follows me even to a pillow fight! Bill said he had the same experience.

While pillow fighting with Bill and strangers, I saw a woman dressed as a Derby Doll - someone who participates in the roller derby league. Working up my nerve I said..

"Hey! Are you a Derby Doll?"

"Yes I am," said the woman pointing to where it said Derby Dolls on her shirt.

I told her how I went to a Derby Dolls game a few weeks ago and she told me about how there's a game tonight and on April 16. I said I'd go to one of them.

After a bit more pillow fighting and gazing at the feathers which fell like snow from peoples' exploded pillows, Bill and I headed home. Definitely the most memorable time I've had in Pershing Square so far.