Saturday, October 30, 2010

My quickening life

Two posts a month is not going to cut it.

Have a mentioned that I'm moving to Los Angeles in less than a week and it feels like the coolest thing I could do for myself? I am and it does.

Tomorrow is Halloween and I'm going on a Ghost Tour of Old City Philadelphia with my friend and my sister. I occasionally pass folks on this tour and wish I was one of them! Soon I will be, for however brief a time anyway. Attending this ghost tour feels really appropriate being as I am leaving soon. I'll let you know if I get spooked! Stay tuned for post one of November.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

An Interview

Leaving for Los Angeles for a few days to interview for a job out there has me feeling... tentatively positive. I'm a bit paranoid yet that the interview will be canceled for some reason. They canceled the job, found a (supposedly) better candidate, don't want to deal with someone moving from far away, etc. The possibilities swirl around my head. On the other hand I'm super excited to spend a couple of days with Bill and the cats in Los Angeles. It feels like forever since I've been out there but it's been less than a month since I was last there.

Our new apartment is 740 square feet and rents for a good bit more than our old place. On the up side it's in the middle of L.A. and close to all the charming distractions I often like to fill my day up with. Namely restaurants/bars, stores, an assortment of cool people, and it's not too far from the beach.

In other events I've started taking GIS classes online through Penn State University. I'm pretty pleased with myself for taking this step, almost feel as though I can execute long term planning. I find the class I'm taking interesting and it's intellectually pleasing to think about capitalization and punctuation. This is a bit surprising. I've never been a huge believer in proper grammar but actually thinking that I want something to be punctuated correctly, even by someone else's standards, seems to improve the state of my brain. Go figure.

My interview occurs in the middle of the week so I've got the perfect excuse to spend days on end with Bill in the city. L.A. will have my presence for at least four days anyway.